Weddings (Summer 2008)

Another wedding season flew by...

There is no words that can describe how fulfilled i truly am with the results
of the wedding pics i took this summer.
Ranging from casual, artistic to classic, I had the opportunity to shoot different styles of wedding images.

Again this year, i was fortunate to be able to travel and discover new places, meet new people
and witnessed many memorable moments.

All of my clients were wonderful to work with.
They truly made my job a lot easier.
I owe it all to them!
Big thank you from my part!

Here are some of my favorites pics of the summer.

Enjoy :)


Angela said...

Congratulations my love!! I know how incredibly hard you've worked to accomplish all of this. I am so very proud of you and will always be amazed by the beauty of the moments that you're able to capture. Simply Amazing...