Collection of my favorite weddings & engagement photos of 2007

I have compiled together a few of my favorite wedding & engagement pics of 2007.
It was one of my by best year so far for weddings. I had the chance to cover a variety of different styles of images. Each wedding had it`s own flavor, its own signification, its very own story.

These images perfectly demonstrates that.


GOOGEE said...

Martin, these pictures are wonderful!! They are obviously well thought out, greatly choreographed and look very different from anything I have seen before. Your attention to details is very obvious and your love of photography is written all over your pictures.

If I had a special ocassions like a birth, baptism, wedding, or a family portrait, my only, obvious choice would be MARTIN!!!!!

Thank you for allowing me to view your extreme talent....I am honoured!!

Diana E. LeBlanc

sylvettecormier said...

VERY VERY nice pic .. Martin tu as vraiment du talent i have to admit... je pourais regarder tes photos toute une journee puis pas etre taner ..Ah que sais beau!!!
~~Sylvette Cormier~~